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QBC 3 overview

Type of use: Offices
Gross floor area: 9.000 m²
Completion: November 2017

Roof terrace
A special highlight of QBC 3 is a roof terrace with stunning views over Vienna.

Office building with approximately 9.000 m² GFA above ground
7.654 m² of leasable area
Ground floor, 8 upper floors and top floor with roof terrace
2 entrances, 1 stairwell
QBC Total: 2 basement levels with 700 parking spaces,
Logistics solution for supply and disposal in the 2nd basement level - connection to all buildings, separation of delivery and passenger car traffic

QBC 3 - rental spaces

Flexible spaces for your needs

The office spaces in QBC 3 offer maximum flexibility. All office layout types, such as group and individual offices, can be tailored to your special requirements.
Construction and fitout concept according to current planning status - changes and user-specific modifications possible

Offices on the upper floors have a ceiling height of approximately 280 cm and the corridors have a minimum of 250 cm
Suspended ceiling made of metal panels with perforated surface
Raised floor, carpet tiles
Plasterboard partition walls (metal stud framing with simple paneling), flexible floor plan layout
Floor, rental space

FloorRental area
Ground-floor431 m²
1st floor 576 m²
2nd - 8th floor965 m²
OG 8965 m²
Overall7.767 m²

QBC 3 - Features

Construction method and facades
Reinforced concrete construction
Ribbon window construction, axial grid 1.35 m, openable elements on half axis width within every second window axis, external or inset, motorized blinds for sun protection

Electrical installation
Floor outlet with hinged cover in every second window axis with 2 Schuko sockets
Lighting: 2 rows of light fixtures per window axis parallel to the outer wall
2 EDP Schuko sockets
Provision for 2 data outlets (each 2x RJ 45)

Heating, Ventilation, Cooling
Connection to district heating and cooling
All office rental spaces will be supplied with humidified fresh air as well as cooling in summer and heating in winter
Radiators with integrated valves in the parapet areas of the windows and trench convectors in selected areas on the ground floor
One chilled beam per window axis in the offices
Two chilled beams per window axis in meeting rooms (max. 10% of rental space)
Fresh air supply via chilled beams, extraction of exhaust air via vents in the ceiling
1.8-fold hourly air exchange in the office areas, 6-fold hourly air exchange in the meeting rooms, individual room temperature control

Safety Technology
Access control: access doors on the ground floor and vehicle access routes to building are secured by locking devices and card reader systems.
Video Surveillance: entrance areas, outdoor areas, entry and exit to basement carpark
Video intercom systems at the main entrances
Intercom system and door opener as well as card reader system in each rental area
Fire Alarm System: Full protection with TUS connection

All elevators designed as self-drive units without a machine room

Building certification according to ÖGNI and LEED

Companies Already Committed to QBC


Rental offices & store areas

UBM Development Österreich GmbH
Laaer-Berg-Straße 43, A-1100 Vienna